Aucho injures his knee in the match

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Yanga STAA from Uganda, Khalid Aucho is one of the celebrities called by Coach Nasreedine Nabi fasta camp and today he will start lighting it with colleagues at the Gymkhana Stadium gym in Dar es Salaam, from there passing Kigamboni in the afternoon. Already since yesterday Aucho has started a private gym at home. Aucho injured his knee in the match against Mali and Uganda where he missed the Yanga and Namungo draw in Lindi region recently and sparked controversy on the lips of fans.

Yesterday Aucho posted pictures of himself at the gym thanking a physiotherapist and promising Yanga fans to rely on him soon. According to Yanga officials, all the stars including Aucho will meet Nabi Gymkhana without fail and in the evening they will practice at the Stadium ready for the pre-season match of Mbeya Kwanza away next week.

Yanga returns to camp after a one-day break from a draw that sparked online debates over various events that took place within 90 minutes including the penalty shootout.

Yanga coach Nesreddine Nabi told Mwanaspoti that he knows what happened to Lindi and what to fix. Yanga have dropped the first two points in their six matches so far, forcing their hosts Namungo yesterday in a 1-1 draw at Ilulu Stadium which Yanga’s history shows has plagued them for years.

The prophet, who holds the Belgian and Tunisian dual citizenship, said; “When we went to the last practice I was shocked to find that we would have a hard 90 minutes due to the poor quality of the stadium. It is another very bad stadium I saw here in Tanzania.

I believe we will come back stronger after losing 2 points, we will change and come back stronger. Our team did not play in the quality that we played in the past but we need to learn and this we also need to prepare for the quality of stadiums like this, ”stressed the Coach.

He said their minds are now on Mbeya first who will be beaten again at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya Region next week saying he believes he will also have found all his players.

“We have enough days to fix everything that challenged us but there are also players we missed due to pain and I think this time they will be fine,” said Nabi, who is assisted by Burundian Cedrick Kaze. Yanga in the game against Namungo missed their key midfielder, Aucho who suffered a knee injury while in Uganda,which can effect his live football scores. Commenting on the penalty shootout that gave them the uniform, Nabi said he did not want to get into a fight with the league officials but recalled how his team had been denied a goal in the region.

“Even if I have my own opinion on the incident, I am not allowed by the rules but I see if there is a way for people to see Yanga stuck, let’s leave it to the supervisors.”

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